How Covid-19 Has Impacted Our Lives

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Through the pandemic, many changes were taking place. One of the most serious tasks was making sure everyone was staying healthy. When it came to visiting doctors or hospitals, people were not the happiest about it because there were chances that they could get sick. 

The virus was spreading, and no one was super about how they would get through. As a company, we were doing alright with the main focus of the work that we did was looking after the health of people. We had to make sure that they were safe and would work on providing their medication and looking after them in their homes, especially for people who were a bit older.

One of the most significant challenges we were facing through the pandemic was staff shortages. People were getting sick across the board, and we had to source new people to assist with our requirements. Another challenge was that our staff had to be tested regularly because they were dealing with older people, and we would not risk getting our clients sick, which could be challenging to get through. If we had to predict the changes that would take place in the upcoming months, it would be that we would see a lot more people coming back into the workforce. We also predict that we would be able to hire a lot more.

We had to make some changes to the way we were communicating which was challenging to adapt to immediately. There was a lot less face-to-face time with clients and staff, and we would work with them remotely for as much as we could. We had to work from the office space, for the most part, because of the nature of our work. While there were a few aspects that we could assist our clients with remotely, we would do most of our work in person. We were so used to it and following all the safety protocols that we did not find much of it challenging.

There were certain safety norms that we had to follow when getting our work done. All workspaces were regularly wiped down and hand sanitizers and wipes were available throughout the office suite. We provided PPE kits for field staff and office staff if necessary. We made sure that we handled free Covid testing on location so that it would not be a task for our team to get through those tests. We did not want to take any chances that could cause our clients to get sick.

While there were so many changes taking place, we did not want to burden our clients anymore, so we stuck to the same working hours. When working, we wanted to make sure they could come to us and find us at work during the same hours. We are using secure platforms to hold our client’s information, and we make sure that their details are safe and don’t get misplaced.

We also work with our clients in person for the most part, and we make sure we follow all the rules and regulations to keep everyone safe. Additionally, if there are aspects that we can assist with remotely, we are more than happy to do that.

We have meetings via video conferencing and use a series of apps that work for our clients. We are not too particular about the ones we use and find the most convenient ones that are easy to understand. Furthermore, we participate in virtual public events and business expos whenever we get the chance. It gives us the opportunity to showcase the work we do and meet a few more interesting clients.

Through the pandemic, we learned that our staff remained dedicated and committed to providing care for our clients for the duration. We would not be where we are without their dedication and most of our clients know that and say the same.

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